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Nice use of complementary colors and high contrast. The fuzzy blue in the sky does not really fit the crisp style of the rest of the photo however.

Moreover, it feels a little top-heavy and unbalanced. Perhaps you should have cropped a bit from the bottom or realigned the camera you took the picture with to show a bit more sky. Furthermore, I find it annoying that the turret on the right side is cut off. Maybe you should consider using rule of thirds composition for similar pieces.

Also, there is a nice sense of movement in the photo with multiple parallel and intersecting lines leading to and acting as a counterpoint to the focal point of the castle.
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Ssquared-Photography Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
hi there and thank you for your feedback:) We appreciate that always. I agree with You that the camera should have been turned a bit on the right side so the castle wouldn't be cat. We definitely will pay more attention next time when we frame similar scenes. And about the balance, i think the only reason to see the top and bottom of the photo unbalanced is that the top is brighter. the brightness should be brought bit down on the sky, maybe by using a dark gradient in photoshop. I don't see any crispiness anywhere on the picture, everything is rather soft and smooth thanks to long exposure, light and shadows. Because that was quite early stage of sunset the sky was still bluish and the light orange. strong contrast and the color filter i used made the colors looks like that. there is no secret that we are interested more in approaching the scenes we photograph in arty way, that's why the colors are stronger and less realistic most of the times. That is just a way we like to keep our photography. Thank you one more time for giving us your time and thoughts!! Greetings from Ireland:) cheers:)
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